Domisolka children’s music theater

Domisolka children’s music theater

A participant in the Koktebel Jazz Party 2017, the Domisolka children's music theater was founded in the early 1990s by composer Olga Yudakhina. The theater has given numerous performances at the Kremlin and the Rossiya State Central Concert Hall many times.

The jazz department, headed by Nikolai Chermoshentsev, was established just five years ago. The theater currently accommodates 650 children aged from 4 to 18. They sing and play jazz, funk, jazz rock and others.

Nikolai Chermoshentsev has achieved a lot in the past five years. The children have performed under his guidance at many prestigious Russian competitions, won awards and came close to winning all three first places this year. Soloists with the Domisolka jazz department have repeatedly performed together with Georgy Garanyan and Igor Butman's orchestras.

This year, jazz department graduates attended a summer course by the American Berklee College of Music in Italy. Some of the children were offered scholarships in Boston and the college's European branch.

Domisolka soloists will perform at the Koktebel Jazz Party. Their repertoire will include jazz standards and jazz rearrangements of songs from children's cartoons, such as Chunga-Changa and the lullaby from Good Night, Little Ones.